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Striped Shirt - Light Blue and White

Very good, super quality. Fast and smooth shipping. Completely recommendable
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dic 16, 2020
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Cufflinks Carlista Requete

Ewan Carmichael
Superb service - thank you very much. The cufflinks are exactly what I was hunting for. They were ...
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mar 11, 2019
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Blue Division Desktop Flag

George C.
An exact reproduction of the Blue Division ¨España¨ right sleeve patch. High quality bevo woven e ...
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ene 2, 2019
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Bullfighting Cape - Extra Large

Jonny W.
I was looking for Capote for a theatrical performance in Germany. The quality is very satisfactory a ...
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dic 26, 2018
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Camel Men's Shirt Camel Flag Spain

Hagus. k
Great quality It has more quality than I expected, perfect
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nov 9, 2018
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New products

Have you been wrong in choosing you size? Doesn't matter.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Enter in your count (up, next to Spain flag)
  2. Introduce your email and password of your inital register.
  3. Access to "order history" section of your count and follow the instructions.

Conditions of changes of size

The maximun period of any change or return is of 15 days since the order receipt

- Except Christmas time that it is of 30 days

- In case of return for size change, we take care of everything but the customer bear the cost, a total of 10 € for Spanish Peninsula and of  18 € for the rest of Europe..

- For being more exacts and save money, all our clothes have the measures in the product description someasure it with a clothes of yours, in order to make sure the size is correct and avoid innecesary costs.

- All the indicated measures in the web are aproximated and it has a marging of manufacture error of  +/- 1,5%

- If you have any doubt to how measure the clothes, contact us by the thelephones 954 227574 - 954 224821

For make a return you could use any of these ways:

  • Through your count, in the sections Mi orders>History>returns
  • By telephon to Attention Depatment: 954 224 821 (L - V) from 10:00 to 19:00 H

COD order only in Spain:

If you want to cancel the order, you should inforn us in a period of maximum 24 hours since you make it, sice in this range it can be already sended and not always is possible stop the sending.

If your order is already sended, you should pick the order up when it was handed over and you also should contact us in a maximun period of 7 days as of order date.

If you return the order when it is in your house and you didn't notify it, as we said before, the trust at the time of make a new order with us will be VOID until you pay the freight throug credit or debit card.

The return cost as the customs expenses and local taxes, are responsability of the customer. If the return cost will be higher than the goods values, the remaining balance will be charged in the same way as the original payment.

If you don't want the reimbursement, it will be exchange by other article.

Defective article conditions:

It is not frecuent but in the case of you receive any article in badconditions, it will be replace or paid according to the customer desires.

For that you should verify your order at the time of it arriving and inform us in a maximun period of 48 hours after the order arriving.

The defective articles or with sending mistakes doesn't have return costs. The guarantee will be cancel automatically in the cases of we detect any manipulation on the returned products, whether trough reparation attemp, abuse or improper use of it.

When the goods are received in our warehauses and we verify the state of those, we will make the refund of their import in the same way the customer paid it (in cash payments, the refund will be made trhough bank transfer).

The differents in the tones provoqued by the computer effects are not considered motive of return, since the color can have a variation of 3-5%.

For make the change of defective articles in guarantee, you should follow these next steps:

  1. Request to ARENAL DE SEVILLA the return or change of the product/s
  2. Send pictures of the product defect to in order to verify the type of the defective
  3. Arenal de Sevilla WITHOUT COST FOR YOU will replace it.


- In adittion to our Customer Attention Department, we have complaints forms available for the customer in our stores or in our central offices (Parque industrial La Negrilla, Street Enciclopedia, nº 31 Block 5 41016 Sevilla, Spain).

- The affected parties, in their elecction, at their election, for the resolution of conflicts and with renunciation of any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of Seville.