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Striped Shirt - Light Blue and White

Very good, super quality. Fast and smooth shipping. Completely recommendable
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dic 16, 2020
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Cufflinks Carlista Requete

Ewan Carmichael
Superb service - thank you very much. The cufflinks are exactly what I was hunting for. They were ...
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mar 11, 2019
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Blue Division Desktop Flag

George C.
An exact reproduction of the Blue Division ¨España¨ right sleeve patch. High quality bevo woven e ...
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ene 2, 2019
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Bullfighting Cape - Extra Large

Jonny W.
I was looking for Capote for a theatrical performance in Germany. The quality is very satisfactory a ...
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dic 26, 2018
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Camel Men's Shirt Camel Flag Spain

Hagus. k
Great quality It has more quality than I expected, perfect
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nov 9, 2018
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  In Arenal De Sevilla we want to make every day simplier, for this reason we accept all payments methods.

What advantages have the on-line payment?

You could pay comfortably from your house 24 hours a day.

Also you save time due to avoid displacement and innecesary queues.

It is possible to use any active credit card (Visa, 4B, Mastercard...) of any entity.

And you could pay with Paypal whether you have or not a ccount.


Pay your purchases in a safe way. Buy with total security without give your credit card details. Effect the payments of the purchase in a few seconds. Electronic means of payment widely use for secure Internet payments; it is neccesary a Paypal user account.

Debit or Credit Card

You could also pay your order with Debit or Credit card. Also with the  payment gateway REDSYS. When you choose this pay option, you would be redirected to the Caixa payment gateway for effect from there the payment, regardless where your card is.

Effect the payment of your purchases only in a few seconds. Easy, simply, comfortable and safe.

With the payment by COD, your sending would be through Urgent Transport Companies, depending on your choice and the adress, crediting the amount of your purchase in the delivery moment of your order.

This form of payment has a surcharge of 2% with a minimum of 2,5€ in concept of surcharge expenditure that will be credited along with your order total in the moment of the delivery.

Our web calculate you directly this surcharge, without the necessity that you make something.

The payment by COD is available for Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla through "Correos de España".

Not are admitted this form of payment for other countries.