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Striped Shirt - Light Blue and White

Very good, super quality. Fast and smooth shipping. Completely recommendable
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dic 16, 2020
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Cufflinks Carlista Requete

Ewan Carmichael
Superb service - thank you very much. The cufflinks are exactly what I was hunting for. They were ...
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mar 11, 2019
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Blue Division Desktop Flag

George C.
An exact reproduction of the Blue Division ¨España¨ right sleeve patch. High quality bevo woven e ...
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ene 2, 2019
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Bullfighting Cape - Extra Large

Jonny W.
I was looking for Capote for a theatrical performance in Germany. The quality is very satisfactory a ...
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dic 26, 2018
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Camel Men's Shirt Camel Flag Spain

Hagus. k
Great quality It has more quality than I expected, perfect
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nov 9, 2018
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Our catalog includes all products that can reach you at 100% quality, whatever your place of residence. On it is not neccesary a minimum purchase amount. Our shipments are made to all corners of the world and where there is a customer interested in the purchase and only through the express transport company that is wroking at the time of the order with us.

When yuo order a purchase you could choose the payment method or the transport company that you prefer.

Any purchase from other localizations not included in our web, it will be attend through e-mail and if it has been done otherwise, as the case may be, we proceed to return the payment made. If you have any question about the destiny, you could consult us to or in the indicated telephones. is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. In the case of don't have available some product, you could click in the same web and we will notify you when it will be available again.

In the case of due to a mistake some product is sold out and you have already placed the order, we will contact you to supply it in the way that suits you.

The COD orders implie a compromise of you and it is in order to your comfortable, since it is a door to door service. In the case that you want to cancel the order, you could notify us and we will proceed to cancel it witout any cost, but don't wait to the moment of the sending. As a rule, the sendings are delivered in less than 24 hours.


 The seller in charge of is: ARENAL DE SEVILLA S .L
Parque Industrial La Negrilla, C/ Enciclopedia, 11 41016 – Sevilla

Teléf.: 954 22 75 74 - 954 561 663- 954 22 48 21
C.I.F: B -91273912

ARENAL DE SEVILLA will not be responsible for breach of any term of this contract if it is provoked by any circumstance outside the company. This Agreement, both for its application and its interpretation will be regulated by Spanish Law. The language will be Spanish. The parties undertake to resolve amicably any difference that may arise on this Agreement. In the event that a solution is not possible friendly, and resulting judicial litigation, both parties agree, with express resignation to any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submit to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Tribunals of Seville.

This Agreement regulates the commercial relationship between the CLIENT and Arenal De Sevilla regarding the acquisitions of products that the CLIENT has an interest in making to Arenal De Sevilla. The present conditions regulate and are applicable to all the sales realized from the web The execution of any order assumes that you have read and accepted the present conditions of sale. If you wish, you can print a copy of this document, in order to facilitate future references as well as your knowledge.

Company: ARENAL DE SEVILLA. Address: Parque Industrial La Negrilla, C / Enciclopedia, 11 41016 - Sevilla

Telephones: 954227574 and 954224821 (customer service from Monday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.). The sending of the order formulated by the Client implies its agreement with the present general conditions of sale. No stipulation made by the Client on the conditions of purchase, payment methods or other documents will differ from those of Arenal De Sevilla, if not previously expressly accepted by this Company. The information contained in the catalogs and price lists is for information only. Arenal De Sevilla may modify them at any time, without prior notice, depending on the evolution of the economic conditions, in order to inform the client of these changes in a timely manner through their publication on the website.


All prices specified on the website are final prices. The prices are subject to variation, making it clear that the Products ordered will be invoiced at the prices in force at the time of the order, provided that it has been previously accepted by the payment confirmation within the specified deadline (5 days) Arenal De Sevilla makes available to all its registered customers the updated information on prices of products through its website. Shipments will be at the client's expense unless otherwise noted.


All orders are subject to the conditions here expressed, which will be valid in any situation. Therefore, no term or condition included in an order by the CLIENT, which is in contradiction with these conditions, will not be valid. The sale will be formalized when ARENAL DE SEVILLA has accepted the order and received payment of the total amount of the purchase. The sending of an order by the CLIENT does not constitute a contract, although ARENAL DE SEVILLA has previously submitted an offer. ARENAL DE SEVILLA reserves the right to cancel any order of a client for any legitimate reason related mainly to the abnormal nature of the order.

Return of Defective Article

In order to proceed with the change of defective products under warranty, the following steps must be followed:

Request ARENAL DE SEVILLA to return or change the product
Send Product defect photo to check defect type a
Arenal de Sevilla WITHOUT COST FOR YOU, you get it back.

- Request ARENAL DE SEVILLA to return or change the product (s).

- Send picture

Defective conditions articles

It is not frequent, nor usually happens but in case any item that arrives in bad condition to its destination, will be replaced or paid as indicated by the customer.

For this you must check your order on arrival and inform us within a maximun of 48 hours after receiving the order.

The return of the defective products or erroneous shipments will not bear return costs. The guarantee will be automatically canceled in the cases in which any manipulation is detected in the products returned, either by attempt of repair, mistreatment or improper use of the same.

Once the goods have been received in our warehouses, and after checking the status of the warehouse, we will proceed to the refund of the amount according to the modality of payment made by the customer (in cash payments, the refund is made by transfer bank).

It is necessary to take into account the differences of tonality caused by the effect of the monitor, are not considered at this point return point, the color can have a variation of 3-5%.


Have you been wrong in choosing your size?

Follow this steps:

  1. Go to the "Order history" section of your account.
  2. Select the order from which you want to return an item.
  3. Select the product(s) you wish to return by checking the box next to your name(s).
  4. (optional) Add an explanation so that the store team can better understand why the customer wants to return this product.


Conditions to change size:

- The maximum term for any change or return as a general rule is 15 Days, except Christmas that are 30 days from the date of receipt.

- In case of a return for size change, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping costs, a total of 10 for the Spanish Peninsula and 18 for the rest of Europe.

- To be more exact and save money, all our clothes have the measures in the descriptions of the products, measure it with a garment of yours, to ensure the size and avoid unnecessary expenses.

- All measurements indicated on the website are approximate and have a manufacturing margin of error of +/- 1.5%

- If you are not clear how how to measure contact us on the phones 954 227574 - 954 224821


To make the return you can use any of these means:

  • Through your account, in the section My Orders
  • By telephone to the Attention Department on 954 224 821
  • By email at


- In addition to our Customer Service Department, there are customer complaint forms available at our stores or at our Headquarters located at La Negrilla Industrial Park, Encyclopedia Street, nº 31 Manzana 5 41016 Sevilla, Spain.

- The parties submit, at their election, for the resolution of conflicts and with renunciation of any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of Seville.


Reimbursement Orders only National:

If you wish to cancel the order, you must inform us within a maximum of 24 hours since you made it, as in this interval you may be traveling and it is not always possible to stop the shipment.

If your order has already been sent, you must pick up the order when it is delivered and contact us within a maximum period of 7 days from the date of receipt.

If you return the order once you are in your home and did not notify us as indicated above, the trust in returning to place an order with us will be NULL, until you pay the previous costs by credit or debit card .

Both the return costs and customs and local taxes will be the responsibility of the customer. If the return costs are higher than the value of the goods to be returned, the remaining balance will be charged in the same way as the original payment.

If you do not want the money to be refunded, it will be exchanged for another item.


Once the order is placed on the day before 18:00, as a rule your orders will be at the indicated address within a deadline of 24 hours from Monday to Thursday, Friday orders will be delivered on Monday and once confirmed the payment and with a maximum margin of 72 hours (being able to suffer some delay punctual for reasons beyond our control, festivity or due to some production problem, in which case the customer would be advised)

ARENAL DE SEVILLA strives to respect the delivery deadlines indicated. However, your delay will not imply the cancellation of the order or compensation. Any penalty clause for delay introduced by the CLIENT in your order is invalid by the application of the following clarification: The delivery is considered made since the product is made available to the carrier and that you have chosen. It is up to the recipient to verify the products upon receipt of the products and to present all the qualifications and claims that may be justified. If the products served do not conform in nature or in quantity with those specified in the delivery note, the Customer must make a claim within 24 hours of delivery. Deliveries will be made with expenses at the expense of the Client, provided that the circumstances that involve free shipping do not occur. is intended for end customers, so that when requesting quantities of products that are not usual, Arenal de Sevilla reserves the right to confirm to the client the quantity that can supply. The validity of the prices of products and offers is the moment of purchase except typographical error. The prices shown in the online store are with VAT included unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The purchase with credit or debit card is made through the payment gateway la Caixa and / or PayPal Or against reimbursement, certifying the security of your data through the network. Only bank transfer will be made to account number that we designate for it, when the order is for a work of personalization, manufacture etc ....

Arenal de Sevilla is committed to the protection and confidentiality of the personal data of users of our store.

Payment methods accepted are Paypal, Credit Card or Cash on Delivery (Refund costs involve adding 2.5 Euros plus or 2% to the total of the order for reimbursement expenses).


Customers can choose the shipping method (Correos De España for Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands) or Nacex Expres, Envialia or Tipsa for the peninsula) ARENAL DE SEVILLA reserves the right to change the way of sending by another equivalent or superior in terms of delivery and quality of service. The freight will be charged on the purchase and must be disbursed in advance except in the cash on delivery, together with the payment of the requested products. The incidences of transport do not imply any responsibility on our part. The transport costs are not included in the prices of the product and are borne by the CLIENT unless otherwise indicated. ARENAL DE SEVILLA is not responsible for the duration of the transport outside Spain, nor for Customs fees in your case since shipments outside the European community are exempt from VAT in Spain. In the event that, at the time of delivery, any obvious damage is detected on the packaging or on the product itself, THE CLIENT must indicate it on the delivery document signed by the carrier, otherwise no claims will be accepted.

Customs Tax Information

In Arenal De Sevilla we do not charge fees or tariffs. The possible amount of the fees depends on the regulations in force in each country or territory of destination. We regret that we can not inform you of the exact amount of such fees. However, you can find more information on the official website of the customs authority of your country.

We are obliged to declare the total amount of the order in the customs forms. If you believe we can help you avoid or minimize taxes, please contact us by sending an inquiry. However, being the recipient, you still have the responsibility for the taxes, we can not guarantee that you will not have to pay those taxes.


Our new website is prepared to calculate by grams the order that you request, but as a general rule the first tranche is 0 to 2 kilos.

If the payment is against a refund you must take into account that you have a surcharge of 2% with a minimum of 2.5 Euros plus VAT on the amount to be charged at home.


For orders over 99 euros in the Spanish Peninsula, Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands.

For orders higher than 150 Euros for the countries of the European Community.

For orders higher than 200 Euros for countries outside the U.E


The prices can vary without notice. The amount to be invoiced will be in force, either in the price list or in a special offer for each period of time determined. ARENAL DE SEVILLA undertakes to respect the prices of orders already processed at the time of such changes.