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Cufflinks Carlista Requete

Ewan Carmichael
Superb service - thank you very much. The cufflinks are exactly what I was hunting for. They were ...
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mar 11, 2019
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Blue Division Desktop Flag

George C.
An exact reproduction of the Blue Division ¨España¨ right sleeve patch. High quality bevo woven e ...
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ene 2, 2019
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Bullfighting Cape - Extra Large

Jonny W.
I was looking for Capote for a theatrical performance in Germany. The quality is very satisfactory a ...
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dic 26, 2018
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Camel Men's Shirt Camel Flag Spain

Hagus. k
Great quality It has more quality than I expected, perfect
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nov 9, 2018
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Sport Trousers - Mustard Yellow

Helen T.
We bought some shorts for my husband while on holiday in Seville and were so pleased with them that ...
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sep 23, 2018
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    Latvia Flag


    Latvia flag. Medium size (150x100).

    100% high quality satin.

    For using inside and outside.

    No shrinking nor fading in the wash.

    100% guaranteed quality.

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    A bit of History

    The national flag of Latvia was adopted on February 27, 1990. The design was officially declared by the Parliament as the national flag on 15 June 1921. Latvia had declared independent state in 1918 and the flag was used until the loss of sovereignty in 1940.Latvia's flag has three stripes, top and bottom are maroon and central white. The proportions of the strips are of 2:1:2. Thus, strips maroon have a thickness equal to twice the plant. The relationship between length and width of the flag is 2:1. The red hue is dark maroon, Pantone system as defined in 1807, and is called red Latvian.It is documented from the second half of the thirteenth century the Latvian tribes use red flags with a white central band. These exhibits were located by Jekabs Lautenbahs-Jusmins, a Latvian folklore researcher, in the Chronicle of the Livonian Order ("Reimchronik"), a work that describes various events that took place in Latvian land until 1290. The artist Ansis Cirulis, based on standard descriptions of the Latvian tribes included in the aforementioned work, developed the design of the flag that was presented in May 1917.

    Height1.00 m / 3.3 ft
    Width1.50 m / 4.95 ft
    Weight150 Gr
    Coloraccording to picture
    CompositionRaso - Estampación
    BANDERA PAISESPaíses Comunitarios
    European Countries Flags
    Estonia Flag
    Ref: 3125

    Estonia flag. Medium size (150x100).100% high quality satin.For using inside and outside.No shrinking nor fading in the wash.100% guaranteed quality.

    16,49 €
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    European Countries Flags
    Latvia Flag
    Ref: 168020

    Latvia flag. Medium size (150x90).100% polyester.For using inside and outside.Resistant thanks to its double nylon sewing.No shrinking nor fading in the wash.100% guaranteed quality.

    8,26 €
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