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Pulsera Militar Paracord Verde-España

S Kirk Garrett
It's a very cool bracelet of high quality, both materials and craftsmanship. A great way to show you ...
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ene 22, 2018
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Brazil Flag


Brazil Flag shield in high quality satin, serves both exterior and interior, no depainting or shrink with washing.High resistance to atmospheric agents thanks to its double stitched with nylon thread and two rings for the neck. Standard size. 100% quality guarantee.

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A bit of History  


In 1645 was created the first proper Brazilian flag when creating the Principality of Brazil. It consisted of a golden armillary sphere on a white field. This flag was used until the founding of the Kingdom of Brazil and the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarve. In 1816, the flag of the Kingdom of Brazil consists of the armillary sphere centered on a blue field.On September 7, 1822, the Kingdom of Brazil declared independence from Portugal and later assumed the title of Empire of Brazil, official title he held the country until 1888.The flag, patriotic basis of the current flag, consisted of a green field representing the house of Braganza of Emperor Pedro I, with a yellow diamond that identified the Hapsburg family of Empress Maria Leopoldina. Above it stood the Imperial Shield. 


The current flag is based on the old flag of the Empire of Brazil created by Jean-Baptiste Debret in 1820. The changes were designed by a group of members of the Positivist Church, composed by Raimundo Teixeira Mendes, Miguel Lemos and Manuel Pereira Reis. The blue disc design was executed by the painter Décio Vilares. The flag was officially adopted by Decree 4, November 19, 1889 written by Benjamin Constant, a member of the Provisional Government.Since the proclamation of the Republic on 15 November to 19 March, another flag was used that mimicked that of the United States of America. The current flags of some of the states of Brazil, Goiás, Piauí and Sergipe are inspired by this design.The current design, which includes a total of 27 stars, was officially approved by Decree No. 8241 issued on May 12, 1992.

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Height1.00 m / 3.3 ft
Width1.50 m / 4.95 ft
Weight150 Gr
Coloraccording to picture
CompositionRaso - Estampación
BANDERA PAISESContinente americano

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