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Pulsera Militar Paracord Verde-España

S Kirk Garrett
It's a very cool bracelet of high quality, both materials and craftsmanship. A great way to show you ...
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ene 22, 2018
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Russia's Flag with eagle


Russia Flag of high quality satin, serves both exterior and interior, no depainting or shrink with washing.High resistance to atmospheric agents thanks to its double stitched with nylon thread and two rings for the mast, standard size. 100% quality guarantee.

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A bit of History 


A popular legend traces the origin of the flag of Russia on a visit to Tsar Peter the Great to the Netherlands (then United Provinces) in 1699. The Czar, who was there to learn about shipbuilding, realized the need to provide a future Navy flag. Flag of Russia based in the Netherlands, but Russians selecting colors (the flag of the Netherlands at that time was orange, white, blue and had no red). This story, although widespread, is a legend as a German book of flags of 1695 and described a similar flag belonging to the Tsar of Muscovy (in fact, already been raised by the frigate Oriol, the first boat launched by the Russian Navy in 1667). The three colors come from the shield of the Duchy of Moscow, in which St. George appears in white armor, riding a white horse, wearing a cape and a blue shield on a red background. Although according to another version, these colors would be to the robes of the Virgin Mary, protectress of Russia. This flag, which was used as naval taught since the seventeenth century, was taken to the merchant marine in 1705. And the May 7, 1883 was authorized their use on land, officially became the national flag of Russia. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks changed the flag for another entirely red with the initials РСФСР (RSFSR - Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) in Cyrillic on the upper side of the flagpole. In 1954, a new flag was adopted similar to that of the Soviet Union but with a blue vertical stripe on the hoist side. The tricolor was adopted again on August 22, 1991, although the ratio was 1:2 and the colors were defined as white, azure, and scarlet, not corresponding with the colors of the flag of the Russian Empire. Finally, on December 11, 1993, in the decree № 2126 "On the national flag of the Russian Federation" signed by Russian President Boris Yeltsin, the flag was described with the ratio 2:3 and the current colors, unspecified nuance. This last condition, according to the affection Heraldic Council President of the Federation of Russia, for example allows you to use a brighter shades if the flag is in a dimly lit room.

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Height1.00 m / 3.3 ft
Width1.50 m / 4.9.5 ft
Weight150 Gr
Coloraccording to picture
Tissue typePoliéster
CompositionPoliéster Estampación
BANDERA PAISESPaíses Comunitarios

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