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Spanish Flag Handbag - Navy Blue

W Julia
a lovely handbag. amazing design, great size, it fits a laptop (11"). I love it absolutely.
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abr 26, 2018
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Pulsera Militar Paracord Verde-España

S Kirk Garrett
It's a very cool bracelet of high quality, both materials and craftsmanship. A great way to show you ...
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ene 22, 2018
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South Korean Flag


Flag of South Korea in high quality satin, serves both exterior and interior, no depainting or shrinks with washing, high resistance to atmospheric agents thanks to its double stitched with nylon thread and two rings for the mast, standard size. 100% quality guarantee.

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A bit of History


The Korean flag, or Taegeukgi, was created and used during the Choseon Dynasty (조선, 朝鲜). The date and its creator is somewhat uncertain. It is said that Pak was Yeonghyo (박영효, 朴 泳 孝) the creator and first to use the current flag. However, it is not entirely clear.Recientemente1 was found in the book "Flags of Maritime Nations," published by the Bureau of Navigation, Department of U.S. Navy, the first known flag of Korea, with its distinctive red and blue in the center, along with four trigrams in every corner. The book was published in July 1882. Yeonghyo Pak flag used between September and August 1882 on a diplomatic mission in Japan, so that the flag would be published in the book, at least four months old.According to Kim Weon-mo (김원모), professor emeritus at the University of Danguk, the flag is in the book could be the same as was used in May 1882 during the signing of the Treaty of Chemulpo (제물포 조약) between the Cheoson dynasty and the U.S..In March 1883, was formally adopted as the official flag Taegeukgi.In 1948, after the establishment of government, "Rules of the Korean flag" became a guide for the raising, production and flag protocol.

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Height1.00 m / 3.3 ft
Width1.50 m / 4.95ft
Weight150 Gr
Coloraccording to picture
CompositionRaso - Estampación
BANDERA PAISESContinente Asiático

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